Advita Lifesciences Bevodine Povidone Iodine Solution I.P. Grade


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  • Use for Dressing
  • Best Wound Healer
  • Lowest rates
  • Disinfectant
  • Use for cut, infection etc

Product description

  • Broad spectrum antiseptic for topical application
  • First aid antiseptic treatment for minor wounds, cuts, burns, grazes, abrasions, blisters etc
  • Surgical solution for pre & post operative skin disinfection of both patient and hands of healthcare provider
  • Prevention & treatment of infection while performing dressing of stitches
  • In treatment of Vaginitis (Gynecology) decubitus ulcer, static ulcers
  • Some surgeons prefer it on chlorhexidine due to carcinogen property of chlorhexidine
  • Vaginal preparation prior to surgical procedure

Additional Information


100 ml x 3 (Pack of 3) 300 ml, 2 L, 400 ml, 5 L

PER (%)

10%, 5%